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South Fulton Mayor

"A long-serving community leader, not a career politician!" 

My Focus


We will utilize new and old school mediums to engage the public about the city including a proposed quarterly newsletter mailout to every homeowner and business owner in the city, better utilization of our website and social media portals to disseminate information and ensure that residents have access to online features to conduct basic city business online in lieu of taking a trip to city hall. 

Economic Development

Ensuring that citizens and business owners are engaged in the planning and development of the city.  Our city thrives when we embrace diversity.  We must engage those who have been left out to bring in more community dialogue and expertise to produce best practices that will move our city to the next level!  We’re not anti-growth but pro-neighborhoods. 

Public Safety

Developing enhanced community-based partnerships between the community and our public safety departments to include reviving the citywide neighborhood and business watch programs.

Quality of Life

Implementing and utilizing various studies to bring an enhanced quality of life to the citizens.   






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Email:   /  Tel: 678-431-3157  

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2260 Fairburn Road 

P.O. Box 311321

Atlanta, Ga. 30331

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